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Janesville Sand & Gravel Co., the parent company of LYCON Inc. has been a premier source of aggregate material since 1907. Locally sourced round stone, crushed recycled base material, and sand are frequently tested to meet local and state requirements. We are also a certified supplier of USGA Bunker Sand.

For questions or to place an order, contact our Order Center at 800-955-7702.


Fill Sand - Dry screened fine material.
Concrete Sand - Washed fine sand for concrete.
Mason Sand - Washed fine sand for masonry/Sandbox sand.
Bedding Sand
Bunker Sand (Call for availability) - USGA approved sand.

Base Material

1” Recycled Concrete Base
3” Recycled Concrete Base

Washed Stone

Birdseye Gravel
Pea Gravel 3/8” Washed Stone
3/4” Washed Stone
1” Washed Stone (Call for Availability) Common Uses: Drainage

1 1/2” Washed Stone Common Uses: Concrete, Landscaping