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Quality Control at LYCON Inc.

LYCON Inc. quality control personnel have played an essential role in the expansion of our client base and reputation. Through expert knowledge, we ensure a quality product delivered on-time and as-ordered. Our quality control department is composed of state and nationally certified personnel. Using a full lab with compression and aggregate testing, we assure that our products meet desired specifications and our team is qualified to perform testing for state projects. The LYCON name has stood for over sixty years in testament to our unmatched dedication to delivering the highest quality products in the state.

Modern Technology in Action

We utilize modern technology throughout the ordering, batching, and delivery process to ensure our product arrives in specification to every job. Modern tools, including GPS truck tracking and a cutting edge dispatching system, allow us to better serve our customers while maintaining the highest quality of concrete and aggregate products.

Custom Mix Design

We offer a full catalog of mix designs to conform to the specification of your job. LYCON Inc. is fully equipped to design, test, and deliver to meet your needs.

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