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Education Ordering Concrete

Please contact our Order Center at 1-800-955-7702 to schedule concrete and other material delivery.

We recommend a 1 day notice to place a will-call and at least a 2 hour notice to confirm the order. Our schedule varies day-to-day and hour-by-hour so it's best to check with the Order Center on which times are available.

When placing a concrete order, be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Date and requested time of delivery.
  2. Your contact name and phone number.
  3. Delivery address and directions to the job (nearest cross street, landmarks, etc).
  4. PO or Job Number if needed to be printed on the ticket.
  5. A description of what is being poured and how it will be unloaded.
  6. Quantity of cubic yards needed to complete the job (1 yard minimum).
  7. If you would like help on estimating quantity, please use our Concrete Calculator. Add extra material to be safe and account for waste, measuring variances, etc.

  8. Concrete mix, Air Entrainment and Slump.
  9. Additional products in the load, such as fibers, accelerators, integral color, etc.
  10. The truck spacing in minutes, if a multiple load order.
  11. Your payment information (VISA or MasterCard preferred).
  12. Advise if this will be a confirmed (definite-go) or will-call order.

Confirmed orders indicate to the order taker that this is a firm order, to send the concrete out, and that the job/crew will be ready to go at the requested delivery time. The delivery will be made unless you call to change the order or reschedule with ample time prior to the concrete being batched (90 minutes before requested delivery time is a recommended guideline). Because concrete is perishable, once it is batched it is the customer's concrete and will be billed accordingly. Confirmation calls do not guarantee times.

Will-call orders indicate there are some details that will still need to be discussed and to not send the concrete until a confirmation call has been made. It is recommended to confirm an order at least two hours before the requested delivery time. Will-call orders do not guarantee times.

Ordering FAQs

Concrete is ordered by volume—specifically cubic yards in the United States—to the nearest .25 cy. Concrete is either wet-batched at the plant or mixed in the truck in order to properly combine materials prior to discharge. Just like any construction project, a safety margin should be added to the quantity ordered to accommodate unforeseen waste.

The customer is responsible for indicating the desired properties and specifications of concrete. Concrete quality is often specified as its strength performance at 28 days as long as the product is placed according to ACI specifications. The Order Center can provide some input on common mixes used, however there are no standard mixes for each application. The order taker will also need to know if fiber reinforcement or any other admixtures will need to be added to the load.

Concrete is delivered based upon an estimated on-job time. This is the time that the concrete truck is scheduled to arrive and begin unloading. When ordering the concrete, the Order Center will need to know the correct address (with nearest cross street as a helpful guide to the driver), the location on-site to meet the contractor, and details about the pour such as what is being poured, how it is being unloaded and how long it will take to unload. It is recommended to give adequate notice in order to minimize scheduling conflicts.

Important: Crews on the job site need to have everything ready to go and be ready to accept delivery as soon as the truck pulls in since concrete is a perishable product. Any changes in site conditions, order details or times should be called into the Order Center promptly. A concrete truck fully loaded weighs almost 75,000 pounds and therefore it is the customer's responsibility to make sure the site conditions can accommodate such a heavy vehicle and there are no road postings/permit requirements on the way to the job. LYCON INC. is not responsible for damage beyond the curb line.

Customers who do not have a charge account will be asked to provide a VISA or MasterCard at time of order confirmation. Because our product is perishable, the payment method will be charged prior to batching.

It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the mixture meets the requirements of the job. LYCON INC. needs to be made aware of placing procedures which can alter the characteristics of concrete such as pumping, etc. Changes made at the jobsite (including, but not limited to, the addition of water) and excessive unload times can alter the quality & performance of the concrete at the customer’s responsibility. Customers should verify the delivery ticket before placing concrete and give clear instructions to the driver on how and where they want the product placed. Any alterations on-site will be noted on delivery ticket which should then be signed by the customer. You will need to have a location on-site for the ready mix truck to wash down prior to leaving. For a smaller job, this can be as simple as a large plastic-lined trash bin. LYCON INC. follows ASTM guidelines on batching and delivery of concrete.